Happy Hundred and MUCH More!!

Hey, there, fellow bloggers and friends!

Today, I surpassed 100 followers on my blog! I cannot tell you how much it means to me. Thanks for supporting me and laughing with me and critiquing me as I make my way into publication.

And for more exciting news…….

I had a request for my full manuscript from an agency!!!



I wanted to find a picture that accurately represents my excitement, but there just is not one to be found! AHHH!!!

Now, I’m being realistic (despite how much I’m jumping up and down for glee!), and I know this is a LONG way from landing an agent or any kind of publishing deal.

But it SO made my day. Maybe even my year! I did NOT anticipate hearing back from anyone in a positive way for many more months, so this has been a boon to my creative juices and my self-esteem.

I couldn’t even finish my dinner because I was nearly hyperventilating. So, alas, my peanut butter/banana sandwich lies neglected. Sorry, samich. This is MUCH more exciting! I immediately called my parents, who have never wavered in their love and support of my writing, but could barely talk because I was so choked up with astonishment and squealing like a greased pig!! (Ew. That’s a gross reference).

I just had to share with you all. Even if this takes me nowhere past sending a full manuscript, it’s still a sign that people do like my work and that I’m headed in the right direction.

As are you! Keep trudging along, fellow writers/reader/tinkerers! I wish you every single joy and blessing I can think of!! (I’m feeling pretty magnanimous right now).

Now… let’s see if my stomach will calm enough to finish my dinner.

I’m thinking….



Happy writing!


“When I finally find that one willing agent, I’ll have found my prize in the Cracker Jack box.” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich


34 thoughts on “Happy Hundred and MUCH More!!

  1. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY, YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! That is SOOOOOOOOOO exciting!!!! I’m so happy for you! Close your eyes. Okay, see me? I’m right there, holding your hands and jumping up and down with your and squealing! LOL! 😀 (My sister and son and I do that when we have great news.) Congratulations and please keep us in the loop! 😀

  2. YEAHHHHHHHHH! That’s fantastic to hear! I LOVE your reaction because whenever I experience the day you did today I’ll be exactly the same way. Really excited for you. 🙂

      • Hey! You can be a LITTLE more confident than almost expecting a rejection already.

        I’m so far away from that point. I need to get with it.

      • Sorry. I want to be confident, but I don’t want to expect too much, too soon.

        And you’ll get there! You wrote your first book in three months. I worked on mine for TEN YEARS!!! You’ve got lots of time, but I understand that people get impatient. I’m there right now.

      • I know. But still. Instead of thinking, “I’m about to get published!” Maybe, “Hey. Who knows, I could be getting an agent.”

        But I’ve been on this one for seven months! I know, ten years. But that’s different. You had grad school and now an actual job. I work weekends. No excuse.

      • I’ll try to be more realistic. Thanks.

        What can I say that will help motivate you? Seriously. I want to help. Sometimes I don’t even know what motivates me! Is there some roadblock that’s truly holding you back?

      • Wait, I didn’t mean to be discouraging. I hope it didn’t sound that way. 😦

        I don’t know. I’m just lazy. And a REALLY good friend of mine told me yesterday that I got my degree in three years just to waste time writing instead of getting a real job. And he’s in both of my first two books. I wasn’t upset about him saying that so much that I was pissed off. I mean, when people hear I have my degree and work where I do I always get this look like. “What are you doing here?” So I know what people think. Ugh. Just tell me I’m awesome again?

        Sorry for venting.

      • You weren’t discouraging at all! Just keeping my feet on the ground. I promise I didn’t take it in a negative light.

        And vent away! Isn’t that what blogs and such are for?

        And that dude has no right to say that. We all make our own decisions and whatever comes of them, good or bad, is because of our own choices. He really doesn’t have room to talk.

        I understand what people mean when they think everyone should get a “stable job,” but that isn’t for everyone. If I make enough money as a writer, I’m not going to practice as a physical therapist anymore. At least, nowhere near full time. Will people think I’ve wasted my fancy degree? Probably. But it made me who I am, and I don’t regret it.

        So ignore what he said and don’t regret the path that has led to who you are today.

        BTW… you’re awesome!! 🙂

      • Hmm. Okay.

        I don’t know. You’re right, of course. But it’s looking more and more like I’m going to have a degree I never use. Cause I don’t want to use it. Cause I can’t do what you do and work full time and still write anything. My goal was to write two books this year. Doubting that even happens now.

        Thanks for saying that. You know, you can still reconsider my proposal from a little while back. Haha 😉

      • Hehe 🙂 I’ll keep it at the back of my mind.

        And even if you don’t use your degree, who cares?? It wasn’t a wasted experience. 50% of the people I know are working in fields that are nothing related to their degrees. And they’re quite happy.

        And never give up hope. Please. It’s one of the only things, sometimes, that keeps us writers going.

      • Hmm. It won’t be there forever!

        Do you happen to moonlight as a motivational speaker? Cause I’d believe it if you told me that. I should write a post about you. Haha

        I know. I’m just hiring a ghost writer. Then I don’t have to worry. Haha

      • Good point.

        Wait, I bet you sleepwalk. And then you find your way to shady parts of town where people are in need of a good pep talk at three in the morning. So you talk to them. Then return home before your regular day. Yep. Got it all figured out.

      • Drat! I knew somebody would find out one of these days. I guess that explains all the bruises on my shins and why my throat is sore every morning. I just can’t seem to shut up!

      • Ahaha at least you’re helping people. Well, unless you’re yelling at them.

        Oh, and your post got has like 21 likes now. Which is pretty much about what I usually get for mine. So, it wasn’t like largely ignored or anything. AND just this week you took the lead for number of comments on my blog. So remember what I said about being my number one fan? Well now it’s official. Haha

  3. That’s fantastic news, well done! Your m/s must be very good indeed, and that’s something you can hang on to and gain confidence from whatever happens next. Even if you don’t quite make it this time, you clearly have the talent to do so if you keep going. Best of luck.

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