The Dreaded “D” Word


The horror! THE HORROR!!

You all know what I’m talking about. The dreaded four letter d-word.



Most women, and I’m sure some men, cringe when they think, say, or read this word. I know I do. And wrapping it up in nice verbiage by calling it “a lifestyle change” doesn’t make me accept it any easier.

Well, besides already being on the dreaded d-word, I’ve decided to go on a book diet. Maybe call it a book cleanse.

I’ve been immersing myself in RomComs for the past few months as research and inspiration for the RomCom I’m writing, but it’s getting a little old. How many ways can you say “I love you” cheesily? A surprising amount, I’m here to tell you. It’s getting to the point where I’m rolling my eyes when the main characters profess their undying love. And literally LOLing at the scenes that, I’m sure, the author meant to be heart wrenching and tear-evoking.

So I’m going back to a strict “diet” of middle grade fantasy, since that’s what I’m primarily gearing towards publication. I have a TBR list as tall as I am (5’10” btw), which is nothing shy of insanity, but I welcome all fresh ideas for great middle grade fantasy books.

So go on, tell me what you recommend. I’m open to suggestions. I am a very eclectic reader and have read everything from the Bible to a book on Hitler’s charisma (as research for my villain), to Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, to J.R.R Tolkien, to Christopher Hitchens (THAT was interesting since I’m a devout Christian. But also a good learning experience), to epic and modern poetry, to ancient mythology, to futuristic dystopias… The one area I’m not as well-read in is horror/thrillers/suspense/mystery, but I’m open to new avenues there, as well.

Come on… GIVE! I want to know what my fellows out there in the blogosphere recommend for middle grade fantasy. Hopefully you’ll see my name in print in that genre someday, but for now, I need suggestions. Got any?


“I don’t want to wake up dead tommorrow and realize I didn’t even try.
Luck my ass! Luck is just another word for hard work and an open mind.” 
― Ryan E. Day


“There’s no diet list I’ll follow that would rule out cherry pie.” 
― Edgar A. Guest


16 thoughts on “The Dreaded “D” Word

  1. I was recently introduced to a book I had never before heard of. It is “The Shack” by William P. Young. It is an amazing read.
    You mention being eclectic on your taste so may I suggest Richard Bach.

    Hope you enjoy them.

    • Thanks for visiting and following!! I have been meaning to read “The Shack” for years, but haven’t gotten around to it. And I’ll be sure to check out Richard Bach. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever read a single book considered middle grade fantasy. So no suggestions. But I laughed at you laughing at the serious moments in the books you read. Haha. And diet isn’t even a bad word.

  3. I just read “Tuesdays at the Castle” by Jessica Day George, which was a fun MG fantasy read. She also wrote “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow,” which I didn’t think was as good, but still a fun read. “The Clockwork Three” and “Icefall” by Matthew J. Kirby were also good–I liked “Icefall” better of the two. Actually, those two aren’t exactly fantasy, but kind of have fantasy elements. “Jinx” by Sage Blackwood, “The Ranger’s Apprentice” series by John Flanagan, and, of course, “The Ascendance Trilogy” by Jennifer Nielsen. To name a few. 🙂 Are you on Goodreads? I’d love to see a list of books you enjoyed.

    • Ooooo!!! Those all sounds awesome! And I haven’t read a single one of them! Thanks for the suggestions!

      I am on Goodreads, but rarely update the list I created months ago, so it’s probably not very accurate. And it’s not very organized yet. (Which is SO unlike me).

      I think there’s a link to it on one of the sidebars in my blog. If it doesn’t work, let me know. I’m not that great at website workings, but I’ll try and fix it.

      Thanks, again!

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