In My Dreams


Have you ever been so tired your arm hair hurt? 

No? Yes? Too tired to remember?

That’s me right now. After back-to-back 11 hour workdays on top of helping my friend with her wedding (I’m maid of honor this weekend in her shindig), attempting to get some writing done, tackling my spring cleaning, exercise, and not letting my TBR list get too tall, I’m completely worn out.

*Whimper* But my body won’t let me sleep! UGH!

I’ve slept five hours or less each night for the past few weeks and I truly feel like a walking zombie. I don’t even have any kids as an excuse to be so tired! Yargh!

This insomnia is driving me bonkers. Of course, the lack of sleep is providing me with some extremely vivid dreams when I do actually get a couple of hours. They’d make for great fodder for my writing if I weren’t so tired and unable sit down and use any of the ideas from my dreams.

I’ve even dreamt of you.

That’s right. YOU!

My blogging buddies. I had a weirdo dream a few nights ago where all the blogging buddies I interact with on a fairly regular basis were present and talking to each other. And I knew you all, too. Because each one of you was represented by your little icon/picture. So, for those of you with a real picture, the rest of your body magically appeared in my dream. For those with clipart or some other non-human icon, that is what showed up as your body.

Yes, I swear it’s true. You were all walking around interacting with me and each other. We had a great time, although I can’t remember exactly what we were doing. But I knew who you all were and remember calling you by your name (or whatever pseudonym you use). My brain is weirdly good at memorization and visual memory. I woke up feeling a bit odd, but also laughing at the ridiculosity of it all!

I’m going to assume the reason I dreamed of you all is because WP is the only social media that I enjoy right now.

At first, I started a blog because all the books I’d read on getting published recommended an online presence. I thought I’d hate it because I hate spending time on my computer for anything but my writing… but I’ve proven wrong.


No wonder you starred in my dreams one night.

Now, don’t run away in terror now that I’ve dreamed of you. It’s because you’re all so wonderfully supportive. It’s nice to finally be surrounded by my own kind. Writers, that is. I’ve spent so many years being the odd one out because of my writing. I’v endured looks of scorn, pity, incredulousness, and even disgust. As I’m sure you’ve all been subject to, as well.

It’s so refreshing to know there are people out there like me. 

So, thank you, dear bloggers/readers/writers for putting up with me, and even laughing with/at me. I’ve enjoyed it all.

Even though I’ve been sleepless for the past month or two, it’s been worth every lost minute knowing there are people that will understand and encourage. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Happy writing, dear friends!


“Winston was gelatinous with fatigue.” 
― George Orwell1984

“Muscle-work can only make one weary—it takes brain-work to create true exhaustion.” 
― Jefferson SmithStrange Places


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