Ready… Set… ICE!

It happened at last. I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by none other than Mr. Wordsmith, himself. 

Thanks, John.

I was actually surprised I didn’t get nominated earlier, but I think most people know that I’m a physical therapist and would rather give the money. Which I did. And not just the $10. 

Now I know some people are crying foul because the ALSA uses roughly 27% of their fundraising income for research to find a cure, while the rest is split into paying for a variety of things, including employee salaries, patient support, fundraising, and education. See here for a breakdown of the expenditures.

But you know what? Although 27% doesn’t seem that much, it’s still 27%! And this challenge is still spreading awareness for a terrible illness that needs a cure – and fast! It’s one of those diseases where you know where you’re headed, because your brain stays completely functional and intact the entire time your body is betraying you by wasting away to almost nothing.

I’ll take 27%, thank you very much. Would I like it if they portioned more of it into research? Absolutely. Are there other organizations equally deserving of my time and money? Of course. But as of this time, the challenge has reached about the 100 million dollar mark. You know what that means? About 27 million dollars will be allotted for research. That’s still a ton of money!

I’ll take it for what it is: a good marketing tool to increase awareness for a disease that’s been hidden in the shadows for far too long. It’s not the only disease I support through awareness and fundraising, but it’s the one that needs the spotlight right now. Others will have their day, as well. It’s logical to assume that not all of the money will go towards research. As much as we’d like it to, we still have to pay people to do the research, continue to fundraise and spread awareness, support the patients and their families, and EDUCATE THE PUBLIC! Curing a disease isn’t just about research, people. That’s extremely important, but there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that makes organizations like the ALSA (and many others) even exist to do the job of finding cures despite nearly insurmountable odds. 

Okay, enough of my soapbox. I could go on for days. There will always be people who try to drag down a good thing. We can’t please everyone. 

So, without much further ado, here is my Ice Challenge!!

I wanted it to be a little different, and since some of you know how much I enjoy the cold, I thought I’d make it doubly fun.

This is me, people. The real me. Not the pictures I’ve posted that I think make me look halfway decent. This is me, on my lunch break at work, with little fuss or fanfare. And it’s awesome! I’m looking a bit Amazonian here, but I’m cool with it. I’m thankful to all my co-workers who helped make this possible: Amy, Shellie, Kristi, Alexxis, Kay, and Lauren. Thanks for the splashdown, ladies!

I was so into the moment, I forgot to nominate the people I wanted, so I’ll do it here.

If you’re reading this post, that means YOU have been nominated. That’s right, YOU! Especially anyone who’s ever worked with an ALS patient in a rehab setting… TAG! YOU’RE IT!

Even if you can’t spare the money (although I don’t think $10 is asking too much), do SOMETHING to raise awareness of this disease and the people who suffer with it. If you don’t like the ALSA, there are MANY other organizations to give to that are deserving of your time and money. People are suffering. Let’s do something about it!

Go and spread the word!

And now… ENJOY!


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