Home Is My Enemy

Does anybody else have a hard time concentrating on their writing while at home?

I find there are just too many things to distract me at home.

Whenever I sit down at my laptop to write, I’m distracted by the internet (and no, just turning off my wi-fi signal on my computer doesn’t work), my roommate, cleaning (yes, I’ve put off writing to clean. What’s wrong with me?), staring off into space, movies, food, and being lazy. How did it come to this. There have been times in the past when I’d sit at my computer and pound out 20,000 words in a day or weekend. Granted, those are few and far between, but why is it I’ve felt busier than ever the last few months?

I’m tired all the time, and a tired mind is good for plotting amazing things, but not so good at getting them down on “paper.”

Does anybody have any tidbits of advice? I’d love to just unplug my internet from the wall for a few hours, but my roommate needs it, too, so I can’t deprive her of that.

I need discipline!

The only upside to all of my busyness is that my mind has still been working away in the background and I’ve had so many amazing ideas for my stories. Both the mega-series I’m working on, and the smaller side projects that I’ll finish eventually.

I hope you’re all much more productive than I am currently.

I love December – it’s one of my very favorite months of the year. Not just because of Christmas, though that definitely is a part of it. And I feel like it’s passing me by this year. Gah!

In other news, my good friend, Emily, has her first book coming out next week. Yay! If you don’t know who she is, go check her out. She’s awesome!

Mark your calendar for this Tuesday, December 9. Her first book, Demon’s Heart, will be released. Super exciting!

Happy writing, all!

“All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.”
― Julio CortázarAround the Day in Eighty Worlds

“Computers are quiet and clean and totally distracting because the Internet is there, lying in wait for a moment of weakness to pounce on your creativity and progress.”
― Arlaina TibenskyAnd Then Things Fall Apart


6 thoughts on “Home Is My Enemy

  1. I have the same problems! I get a lot done when I go to the coffee shop every Saturday, and I’ve started using my lunch breaks at work. Basically, it’s a daily fight I wage against my warm bed and the computer every morning!

  2. Coffee shops! They’re wonderful. Not only does the chaos have nothing to do with me, but I get a brownie (or something) and some caffeine into the bargain.
    Having said that, I’ve moved from a city in the U.S. to the countryside in the U.K., and there isn’t a coffee shop in sight. It took a while, but I have managed to get used to working at home. It’s that or not write.

  3. Maybe you can take your computer out to the porch? I don’t know; I’ve been easily distracted for the past several weeks, too, which is very uncharacteristic. Maybe there’s something in the water! LOL! Good luck! I’m sure things will calm down for you after the holidays. 🙂

    • P.S. I did see a TV show recently where a kid couldn’t focus on his homework because he was distracted by the TV, vacuum, etc., so he started wearing a football helmet when he read to help block out the noise. LOL!

  4. You’re awesome! Thanks for the kind mention! 🙂

    I wish I could help on the distraction zone. I can’t tell you how much I want to ban Facebook forever whenever I sit down to write. But I think tiredness makes distraction even worse. Wish I had a magic fix. 🙂

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