How Writing Affects the Brain

Being a bit of a neuroscience and anatomy nerd, I just love this inforgraphic. So informative and interesting!

Writing on the Pages of Life

I first saw this infographic as a reblog on Suzanne Joshi’s blog, Musings on Life and ExperienceI knew I wanted to feature the infographic in my blog and surfed the web for information on who created the it, but all I found were several blogs that featured the same infographic, and none of the blogs gave credit to the creator.

So, I am posting this infographic with the hope that the information it contains are true… it’s so interesting and puts a framework on the writing process…explains how writers can influence others…why writers should avoid using cliches…and why writing is similar to meditation.

You’ll have to press Ctrl and the + sign on your keyboard to magnify the graphic.


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