Ebook vs. Hardcover

Many of you know I care for neither eBooks nor hardcovers, but I’ve come to the realization that I have to pick one.

There are a couple of series I’m reading right now and the next book is out in hardcover, but they only came out a couple months ago, so the paperback is far, far away.

They are both amazing series, and part of me wants to wait until the paperback is released, since that is my reading medium of choice. But I honestly don’t think I’ll make it.

So I have to pick.

Ebook (since I have a Kindle I barely use), or hardcover (which I hate holding and think too bulky).

What shall it be? What shall it be?

It is…


I know. Shocking, right?

My reasons are 1. They’re cheaper. 2. I can’t stand holding hardcover books.


Well, that’s about it.

Hardcovers look nice on a shelf, but I can’t stand how it feels to hold them. Plus, they’re heavier and take up more space in my car when I travel.

So, if I can’t have a paperback in my hands, I’ll suffer with an eBook. And hey! I might even learn to love it.

Which do you prefer?

Happy writing and reading!


“The judge said he was going to throw the book at me. I hoped it was an ebook in the cloud, and not a heavy dictionary.”
― Jarod Kintz99 Cents For Some Nonsense



12 thoughts on “Ebook vs. Hardcover

  1. hayleybeale says:

    I do like the search function on an ebook as I sometimes forget who someone is, and it’s handy to be able to check back easily.

  2. I see I’m in the minority here: My preference is hardback, then paperback, then (only when driven by absolute dire necessity) eBook. I love the firmness of the hardback, and the way it fits in my hands/lap/surface I’m using for support. Paperbacks are alright in their own way, but especially for the longer books (I don’t know… 80,000+ words), I prefer to go hardback. And eBooks… Eek!! I steer clear at all costs if by any mortal means I can avoid it! But I do read some… Like ones that only come in eBook form. 😜 But I know lots of people that don’t mind/love eBooks. Which I can’t really understand… But hey, to each his own! 😉

    • The reason you like hardcovers is the reason I don’t. I can’t stand how they feel when I hold them. They feel too bulky and heavy and I can never get a good grip. I learned the hard way that paperback isn’t always good for long books. I bought Les Miserables in paperback, and it’s 1400 pages, so definitely a monster and just as difficult to hold as a hardcover.
      But I travel the country for my job now, so ebooks make sense. Though I’ll always love physical books more.

  3. I’m paperback all day, but I like hardback and ebooks, too. Even price gets knocked out as a way of deciding between the two because I’m cheap and buy used, discounted books anyway, so some hardbacks can be as cheap as ebooks. Hmmm…

    • I’ll buy hardcovers if they’re ridiculously discounted and would end up being cheaper than paperbacks, but with how much I’m traveling now, ebook makes more sense. And paperbacks weigh less, too. 🙂

  4. I think if I’m going to own a book, I would take a hardback over an eBook, but then I’m not traveling around quite as much as you are. 🙂 I like checking out ebooks from the library when I’m traveling, but I have a really hard time actually paying for ebooks.

    • I take hardcovers only when I get them on mega-sale or at a used book store. Or at the VERY latest need of a book I can’t live without. But, yeah, it makes more sense for me to do ebooks while I travel. And I need to find another library app or something while I travel to save money. But I don’t think many of them have the current books I wanted to read. I just don’t like signing up for new libraries every few months.

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