Reading Challenge 2016

I’ve already started the New Year by lagging sadly behind on my blogging. However, my writing and reading have been happily productive, so I don’t feel too bad.

This year I’m taking part in a reading challenge hosted by John Guillen over at Johnny Reads. I follow him regularly and if you don’t follow him, you should. He’s not afraid to share his views and frequently posts book and writing news I don’t see in any of my other frequently visited sites.

I haven’t done a reading challenge before because, let’s be honest, I’m a voracious reader and it doesn’t take me long to paw through books. But his list is fun and doable and will stretch me out of my reading comfort zone in a few areas.

Check out the challenge here and maybe join us on our reading ride!

I do need some advice, though.

Two of the challenge requirements are reading a crime novel and a book by James Patterson. I am not well versed in either, so I’m hoping some of you can recommend a few good choices.

I usually don’t take reading recommendations from people because I like to find my own books and many peoples’ recommendations have ended up being DNFs for me.

So if there are any gateway-books into the crime and Patterson lists, I’m happy to hear your suggestions.

Thoughts, anyone?

Happy reading!


“My eyes hunger to read more books then time allows me to devour.”
― Jazz Feylynn

“You read too much.” Daemon exhaled slowly. […]
“There’s no such thing as that.”
― Jennifer L. ArmentroutObsidian


12 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2016

  1. hayleybeale says:

    For your crime novel – I like the V. I. Warshawski books written by Sarah Paretsky. You can read them in any order, so just pick one you like the sound of. They’re good twisty plots, without too much gore and V. I. is a great character.
    Another option might be to find a novel set in the place you live (or a place you’re very familiar with) – I find it makes it more engaging if the sleuth is rattling around places you know.

    • Thanks for the ideas! Although, one of the other items in the challenge is to read a book set in your own city or your favorite city. I could easily count many of the books I’ve already read this year into multiple categories, but I’m trying to keep it honorable. 🙂 I’ll have to look up Sarah Paretsky and see if I can snag a sample chapter or two.

  2. My sister enjoyed James Patterson’s Treasure Hunters, but I haven’t read it yet myself… It’s a kid’s book, so a more gentle introduction to his works. 😜
    I’m not good with either of those categories, so I’m not exactly a good resource, lol.
    Good luck with the reading challenge!!
    ~ Kat

    • I’ve been wondering about reading one of his kid’s books, but I read so much MG and YA, myself, because that’s what I write, that I want to try and branch out a little bit. Maybe I’ll find a new lovable author, but I’m not the biggest on crime fiction unless it’s a sub-genre in a different featured genre.
      I’ll be sure to have fun! Thanks!

  3. David Baldacci writes incredible crime novels. Maybe check out Zero Day, The Forgotten, and my personal fav, The Escape. The books follow John Puller, a special agent as he investigates and tries to solve different cases.
    I loved the Maximum Ride series by Patterson. I’ve also heard good things about his Alex Cross novels.

  4. I’m going out a limb here, but I adore The Technologists by Matthew Pearl. It’s a Historical Fiction set in the first days of MIT, and there’s someone sabotaging the school because of the fear of science. It’s not your traditional crime novel, but I’m not a fan of traditional ones and I love all of Pearl’s books.

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