Irish Inspiration

For those who didn’t know, since I’ve been so absent in the blogosphere lately, I recently took a trip to Ireland with my sister.

Before you ask, no, I’m not made of money. She and I found a great deal on Groupon and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was an interesting trip. I had a lot of fun, but so many things went wrong, it bordered on hilarity and insanity. Heh.

So I thought I’d share a few photos that have my imagination whirling and helped fuel some writing while abroad.


This is Malahide Castle, just north of Dublin. It’s about 1,000 years old and was begun just after the Vikings invaded Ireland.


Inside of Malahide Castle. I just adore old architecture.


That orange paint was specifically designed for the ancient family who lived here–the Tablots. Also, as point of reference, Margaret Thatcher sat in one of those chairs when she was PM.


Glendalough, in County Wicklow.


Upper Lake in Glendalough. Braveheart was filmed in and around these hills.


The ruins of an ancient cathedral in a monastic city in Glendalough. Ancient buildings inspire so much in my imagination.


Smithwick’s. They make whiskey. Basically, they’re the equivalent of Jameson’s in the city of Kilkenny, another super old city in Ireland.


The Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s western coast. That’s the Atlantic Ocean right there. Anybody remember that cave? Hmm?? It made an appearance in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


More of the Cliffs. I could easily have used up all 9,000 shots in my camera at this locale.


The Cliffs of Insanity!!!! Princess Bride was shot here, as well, if anyone remembers those scenes.


Can you tell I love architecture yet? Especially old churches. This one isn’t that old, actually, but beautiful, nonetheless.


None of these photos have filters of any kind, I promise. I took about 700 pictures on this trip. Some are much better than these, others are much worse, but I find myself drawn to these and a few others.

Have you ever been to Ireland? Where/when did you go? What was your favorite area? Do you like these pictures and find them as inspiring as I do?

Happy writing!


“The tune was sad, as the best of Ireland was, melancholy and lovely as a lover’s tears.”
― Nora RobertsBorn in Fire

“It is an ancient land, honoured in the archives of civilisation. Every great European race has sent its stream to the river of the Irish mind.”
― Thomas Davis ‘Literary and Historical Essays’


15 thoughts on “Irish Inspiration

  1. Sooooo jealous!!!!!! I love Ireland and would LOVE to go! Congratulations on your awesome deal! 😉
    Are you kidding? Of course I remember the Cliffs of Insanity! I love the Princess Bride… And funny, that’s what I thought of when I saw the picture before I read the words lol. 😊
    I love old castles/ruined buildings! And the green of Ireland, with the clouds and the cliffs and the wind… It’s all so beautifully perfect!! There’s nothing like castles and wild nature to really inspire you like that…
    And I totally would have used my whole camera roll. 😜
    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    ~ Kat

    • Oh, it was my pleasure!!! I could have easily stayed for months, but, alas…my savings account could not have withstood it. 🙂 It was an amazing trip, and I wish I could post all my pictures. I’m glad you liked them.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good time! I adore Ireland, and can’t wait to go back, it’s been way too long. Also, I did not know the cliffs were used for those movies, would have made a fun fact when I was there!

  3. I’m sorry you had so many mishaps, but thanks for all the pictures! I’ve never been to Ireland, but I would LOVE to go. I especially want to visit Dublin, and now that I see how beautiful it is, County Wicklow too. Plus, a lot of my favorite writers were from Ireland and Northern Ireland, so there would be plenty of opportunities for literary tourism!

    • Thanks. It was amazing! My sister and I stayed in Dublin and toured that city, then took day trips from there with tour guides on buses. It was so cool. Dublin is such an ancient city and I learned a great deal about the country while there. Highly recommended. I wish I’d had more time because I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I would have liked. I’ll just have to go back someday! 🙂

  4. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing them. I was there for two weeks in 2009, to do research for my first novel. Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, because my orthopedic problems got in the way. But my time was my own, because I backpacked it (it wasn’t a tour), so I could get as much rest as I needed. I stayed in a great B&B in a small city out in the countryside.

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