Current Writing Projects

A sampling of my current projects in the writing arena. Just a smidgen of the insanity my brain expels. I’ll continue to update this page when I remember or when a new project forms from my creative whims.

Please ask questions if you’re of a mind. I may not reveal much, but it can’t hurt to ask!

Phantom Opus

A middle grade fantasy series which begins when the MC, Ava, is 12 years old. She finds out she’s a phantom, which is a magical race called to be guardians of the Earth. Ava finds out she’s a crucial player in the success of the entire magical world, not just for her phantom race. I won’t give away exactly how yet, but there’s something special about Ava that sets her apart from everyone else in the phantom world. She has to go to boot camp, which requires a great deal of physical, emotional, psychological, and strategic training. Phantoms infiltrate all levels of society in order to perform their duties, so they have to be immersed in hardship before they’re sent out on their own.

Book One – Title: Return of the Setapart — Complete at 88,000 words. In final stages of editing before round two of querying.

Book Two – Title: The Calamitous Doppelgänger — plotted, partially written. About 20,000 of 100,000 words completed.

Book Three – Title: The Scar Stealer — plotted, minor writing completed.

Book Four – plotted, unwritten.

Book Five – plotted, unwritten.

Book Six – plotted, minor writing completed.

Book Seven – plotted, epilogue and a few chapters completed.

It’s quite an undertaking, I know, and the amount of research I’ve poured into this is staggering, but this HAS to be written. I began it just as I was finishing high school. The majority of college and grad school (7.5 years total), was spent working the plot, researching, planning, reading, immersing, etc. Since beginning working full time almost five years ago, I’ve had to carve out time to write since I have multiple jobs, but it’s worth it.

A Winger and a Prayer

This is a squeaky clean RomCom centering around a made-up NHL team located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I needed a city big enough to support an NHL franchise that didn’t already have one. I plan on traveling there someday so I can get the feel and flavor of the city. The heroine is basically me, and the hero is a pro hockey player. It’s essentially a love story that comes from the romantic part of my heart that is so often squelched by too many other things. It’s the story of my dream man. But don’t worry, he hasn’t ruined me for regular men. 🙂

Although it’s a RomCom, there are quite a few dark moments in it based on my past, my mom’s past, and the past of a friend of mine. I cried while writing parts of it, and LOL’d at others. It is a stand-alone book with the potential for a series if there is interest. I love hockey, and am usually drawn towards eras other than my own, but I’ve found that I love writing this modern romantic tale, so it’d be wonderful to develop other story lines from this book.

Progress: 60,000 words out of a proposed 80-90,000.

Prisoner Z

This is a huge veer off my normal light-hearted writing. It’s a dark, futuristic dystopian book where society has “progressed” to the point of bigotry-induced forced slavery and genocide. This is a first person narrative (another veer from my normal third person POV), and is probably the darkest thing I’ve ever thought to write. The book is dripping with hopelessness, depression, suicidal tendencies, mass destruction, chaos, brutality, and a tiny ray of light that is continually squelched, only to pop up again. The three main characters are a 17 year-old boy (POV, age may change), a priest in his 50s, and a young woman about 20. The relationships between the three are interesting, to say the least. I won’t give away the ending, but it’ll make you cry. And, hopefully, make you think a good deal about the direction our society is heading.

Progress: plotting underway, minor writing begun.

Untitled Royal RomCom

Another RomCom, you ask? Why, yes. Yes it is. I enjoyed embarking on my hockey story so much, another idea came to me.

This book follows a 30-ish baker who’s about to lose her business because of a backstabbing ex-boyfriend and former baking assistant who conspire against her and open a rival business. The baker loses most of her customers and is in dire straits when the prince of the country (make-up country) asks her to marry him when an old marriage clause is enacted before he is crowned king.

What follows is hilarity as a prince and a pauper(ess?) try to make a most inconvenient marriage convenient for both of them.

Progress: 25,000 out of a proposed 70-90,000 words.

The Life and Times of the Bearded Lady

The female MC in this story is cursed with male patterned hair growth due to a medical condition and every treatment she’s tried to get rid of it hasn’t worked, so she decides to embrace it.

The whole story is based around her as she falls ill and struggles with a disease that may (or may not) be fatal in the end. She has a blog and posts all about her struggles, even going so far as to enter a beard contest (yes, there really are such things), under the guise of being a man.

When her illness threatens her life, the MC finds out there are people who love her far more than she loves herself, and far more than she ever would have expected anyone could.

It’s hilarious, sad, and thought-provoking, breaking down barriers to illuminate women who struggle with hatred, ignorance, cruelty, and bigotry over something they cannot control.

Progress: 10,000 out of a proposed 80-100,000 words.

Untitled Manuscript on Purgatory

This is based off an intensely vivid dream I had about Purgatory a few years ago. Set in a tall office building, Jesus appears to each person in a different form and challenges them in ways they don’t understand. Only if they pass the test do they proceed to Heaven. They’re tested as many times as necessary until they understand who He is and what He’s asking of them.

St. Peter sits in a wrinkled business suit behind a battered desk and pulls thick charts from filing cabinets that line the room. Not exactly the Pearly Gates, right? 🙂 It’s a little dark, but mostly thought-provoking with a dash of maudlin humor.

Progress: 5,000 words of a projected 100-120,000

Untitled Murder Mystery

A friend of mine and I from grad school started writing this during our lunch breaks. It’s based around a couple who can’t have kids and adopts about six or seven of them. The mother/wife is murdered, and each child is implicated in her death. It’s dark, for sure, but there are lighter moments, as well.

Progress: plotting underway, minor writing completed.

Untitled Religious Satire

Set in a bygone era, it centers around a royal family in a make-believe kingdom. But there’s a catch. The royals aren’t seated in some fine castle with servants at their beck and call. Their job is to watch over their people, and they do that by immersing themselves in the work and culture of their time. They work side-by-side with their subjects, but are called on when evil lurks from another kingdom.

Progress: plotting underway. No formal writing completed.

Untitled Dystopian Future

Another dark, foreboding book which follows a soldier as he makes his way through the mires of another war. Set in the United States, where factions of allies are separated by the enemy, he has to traverse through mires of action and obstacles to reach his superiors without being caught, or without the vital information he carries being stolen from him.

It’ll be a bit bloody, but all wars are.

Progress: plotting underway. No formal writing completed.

Untitled Orphan Fantasy

This series follows a blind, deaf, mute orphan who is shipped from one foster home to another. Each time, he is taken during the middle of the night by a band of elves, dwarves, and fairies to their land. There, his maladies are magically wiped away and he is taken through an adventure that shapes him into more of the person he is meant to be. This is geared towards lower middle grade readers, as the MC is about 8 years-old.

Progress: plotting underway, minor writing completed.

Untitled Historical Fiction 1

This will be a series of books set in northern California during the late 1800s, after the Civil War. There are four siblings, one brother and three sisters. Each sibling will have their own book. Yes, they will find love in each of them, but I love the setting and era, so there will be quite a lot of historical tidbits in each. Their parents were missionaries and were killed during a hurricane while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The brother is the oldest, and they run a successful ranch from their mother’s inheritance, who was born a blue-blood in Boston high society. Each sibling is different from the others and has a distinct personality that links them to their surroundings and their friends.

Progress: plotting underway. Book one writing begun.

Untitled Historical Fiction 2

This is set in Texas, again in the late 1800s. It revolves around twin sister bounty hunters. One of them is killed, and the other must find refuge from the person who wants to kill her. She ends up in a family of 12 children after a marriage of convenience, and hides her real identity from her husband, needing the protection the family affords, but also because she doesn’t want to place any of them in danger. Obviously, everything catches up to her and she’s torn between protecting the family she’s grown to love, or protecting herself.

Progress: plotting underway. Minor writing completed.

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    • Thanks! I don’t work on all of them simultaneously. Most of them are in development, or I pull them out every once in a while. Sometimes I need a break from my current WIP and get a little done on something else. Thanks for stopping by and following!

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