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Let’s face it – the writing world (without even the thought of publication), is a daunting and punishing platform. I was certainly  naive when I started the long road to publication over ten years ago, when I was a wee teenager. Although I knew it would be years before I’d get published (college and grad-school do tend to slow one down a bit), I had no idea how many facets of the publishing world existed.

Aside from that, just pushing myself to be a better writer, simply because I love to write, has given me a new perspective on this burning passion of mine. And I realized long ago how important it is to have faithful companions nearby – that is, experts that help me to realize my writing potential and where I’ve gone wrong.

This page is dedicated to different articles, websites, ideas, etc, that have helped me become a better writer, whether I ever achieve published status or not. I hope they help you, too.

Writer’s Digest – The ultimate source of writing information and tools. Love it!

Goodreads – A fabulous place to rank and review books.

Next Step Editing – A great blog/site for editing tips and tricks. I’m a frequent visitor.

32 Books – I have a love/hate relationship with buzzfeed, but this particular list is a favorite of mine. I’m working my way through them as we speak.

WikiHow – Not gonna lie – I use WikiHow every now and then when I need a quick resource. You never know when the oddest little tidbit will change your writing forever.

SEP – Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes romance novels that (gasp!) do have love scenes and (gasp again!) swearing in them. While I rarely read books like that, her writing style is inspirational for me, particularly the bickering dialogue between her main characters. This page of her quotes never ceases to amaze me. Whenever I need a little insight into writing quirky and witty dialogue, I head over there.

Character Traits – An absolutely AMAZING site that helps you plan our your character’s traits, especially if you’re stuck and unsure whether they’re a carnivore or a vegan, an acne-proned teenager or a smooth-skinned seductress. At least take a look. It’s worth it!

Authors Who Fight Stereotypes – Again, another buzzfeed list, but some of my favorite fantasy authors are on here. They prove how to break the mold when writing fantasy, instead of being dragged into the easy path of stereotypes.

Writing Dialogue –  A free webinar on writing killer dialogue. Watch it!

The Writer’s Helper  – Great advice for aspiring writers/authors. Always a good read, even if you don’t have a question.

Being Successful  – A site that has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but this article is good fodder for pushing yourself to be successful in everything you do.

Inspirational Writing Quotes – Just nice to browse through some quotes on writing every once in a while.

Behind the Name – This is a PREMO site for name meanings. I’m a huge proponent of the meanings behind names and their ability to foreshadow events in the characters’ lives, and this place is my favorite go-to when I’m trying to name characters. Their sister-site, Surnames, helps, as well.


I will continue to add more sites as I come upon them. I hope you get as much out of these corners of wisdom as I have.

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