Absentee Blogger

Hey, folks!

Urgh!! So sorry to have been absent for such a long stretch of time. I promise I will slowly, but surely, get updated on how you’re all doing.

Phew! The past two weeks have been a stream of insanity.

I’m finally in my new apartment, but it’s a holy terror of boxes and furniture, which will make for some very busy few weeks as I and my new roommate unpack and sort everything out. Yergh!

And no, I haven’t done a stitch of writing. I haven’t had the time! For all those who have done big moves, you know how insane it is.

So, in a nutshell, I’m sort of back, but will still be busy unpacking for the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to chat with some of you again! I’ve really missed you.

Happy writing and warm hugs from an absentee blogger.

Top Ten Tuesday – Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday


(Credit: The Broke and The Bookish)

Today’s entry, since my brain is mush from working too much, is thankfully inspired and handed to me by the blog The Broke and the Bookish. They are the wonderful people who came up with Top Ten Tuesday.

This week’s Top Ten List is Blogging Confessions. So, here it goes!

1. I fiercely edit my posts. I re-read them at least three or four times before posting to check for grammar, punctuation, and flow. Not that I’m always successful. Just a bit anal retentive.

2. I haven’t followed too many new blogs recently because I don’t have time to get through my feed every day.

3. I have liked a post without reading the whole thing, but it’s pretty rare. If something appeals to me, I’ll read it. If not, I skip on by without liking or reading. Just a personal preference.

4. I’ve learned more about writing in the last few months of blogging than I have in the last five years. So many writers… so much advice… so little time.

5. I don’t have as many followers as I “should” considering the length of time I’ve been blogging. But I don’t really care. I’m not on Twitter, I don’t post my entries on Facebook, and I don’t market the heck out of my blog. And I’m perfectly okay with that. I love my followers, and this blog isn’t about numbers as it is finding people I can learn with and from. So, thank you, followers! I love you all!

6. I can go on blogging sprees and, conversely, remain off WP for days at a time. I like both. As much as I love my blog, sometimes I just need a few days off from the blogging sphere. But I enjoy it as soon as I return.

7. I’ve skulked in a few blogs, reading every entry I could from days, weeks, and months past. Until I ran out of time or energy. Some people are just awesome, what can I say?

8. I never pre-write or “plan” my entries. I may have ideas for them ahead of time, but when it’s time to post… I just sit down and write. Kind of like my non-blogging writing style.

9. I hate reading book reviews. Seriously. Yuck. Sorry for the people that do a million of them, but I just skip right past them in my feed.

10. I’m not consistent with my blogging. Sorry! I should have a schedule and maybe pre-plan (see #8), but my work schedule is crazy and ever-changing, so I fit blogging in when I have a chance. And, if given the choice between blogging and writing my books, I’ll pick writing every time.

11. (Sorry, couldn’t help but add one more). I read too much into comments and often come away upset. It’s so hard to read sarcasm or tone of voice. Some comments leave me reflecting and thinking, others make me feel stupid, and others are worded in a way that make it seem like a personal attack on my views. I hope I’m not alone in this. Most of the comments make me smile and laugh, so these few upsetting ones are rare. I just need to grow thicker skin.


So, there’s a few blogging confessions from me! I’m sure that, if you ask me in a year’s time, my confessions will be totally different.

What about you? Anything you want to confess about blogging? Loves/hates/pet peeves?

Happy writing, everyone!


“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.”
― Pat ConroyMy Reading Life

“I finished the [blog] post reflecting on the fact that, despite all the changes in my life, maybe I wasn’t so different after all. If I typed it, maybe I could believe it, too.”
― Stephanie Nielson