Reading Challenge 2016

I’ve already started the New Year by lagging sadly behind on my blogging. However, my writing and reading have been happily productive, so I don’t feel too bad.

This year I’m taking part in a reading challenge hosted by John Guillen over at Johnny Reads. I follow him regularly and if you don’t follow him, you should. He’s not afraid to share his views and frequently posts book and writing news I don’t see in any of my other frequently visited sites.

I haven’t done a reading challenge before because, let’s be honest, I’m a voracious reader and it doesn’t take me long to paw through books. But his list is fun and doable and will stretch me out of my reading comfort zone in a few areas.

Check out the challenge here and maybe join us on our reading ride!

I do need some advice, though.

Two of the challenge requirements are reading a crime novel and a book by James Patterson. I am not well versed in either, so I’m hoping some of you can recommend a few good choices.

I usually don’t take reading recommendations from people because I like to find my own books and many peoples’ recommendations have ended up being DNFs for me.

So if there are any gateway-books into the crime and Patterson lists, I’m happy to hear your suggestions.

Thoughts, anyone?

Happy reading!


“My eyes hunger to read more books then time allows me to devour.”
― Jazz Feylynn

“You read too much.” Daemon exhaled slowly. […]
“There’s no such thing as that.”
― Jennifer L. ArmentroutObsidian

A Wee Small Problem

I was going to title this post “Bedroom Confessional,” but that’s a bit too risqué for me. 

Notice anything about the following picture?



How about this one?


Or this one?



(Besides the big book at the bottom that says Lust. That’s just a comic book. Called “Lust: And Other Uses for Spare Hormones.” It’s in the Zits comic family. Hilarious! And one of my guilty pleasures).


Can anybody guess what kind of problem I have going on here? 

Some might say it’s my TBR (to-be-read) list. But sadly, not. These are my CR (currently reading) books. And that was after I had taken down some of the trembling stacks of books perched above my head.

But let’s face it. Every single book I own is on my CR list. I never could understand how people could read a book only once. It boggles my mind! There are so many nuances that are missed on the first go-round. Maybe it’s because I’m a speed-reader, and even when I force myself to slow down, it drives me nuts after a few seconds and I have to speed back up. I can’t help it! 

And the answer to your question is: Yes. I have been awoken in the middle of the night by a pile of books falling on my head. More than once, I’m afraid.

I can’t seem to help myself. Maybe I’m a little ADD? I’ve never been tested, but my dad is, so it would make sense.

This lovely pile of books constitutes everything that I am currently reading. And that’s maybe, MAYBE, 1/15th of my book collection. If my bookcase weren’t a bit messy, I’d take a pic of that too, with evidence of the spillage of books from one shelf to another. The shelves are two and three books deep, in a wide variety of topics and genres.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just finish one book at a time?

I have a problem.

The problem is too many fabulous books.

That’s right. I’m blaming you all and every other writer on the planet for being far too talented for your own good.

How does taking the blame feel, hmm??? It’s all your fault.


Happy writing! (Although I don’t know why I’m saying that since all your books will just be added to my forever mountainous stack of books. Dang you, talented people!!!)


“[I] read books because I love them, not because I think I should read them.” 
― Simon Van Booy

“I read like the flame reads the wood.” 
― Alfred Döblin

“…there are so many books left to read. For that reason alone it is worth going on living. Books make me happy, the help me escape from reality.” 
― Félix J. PalmaThe Map of the Sky